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TOP 10 Gdańsk Shore Excursions

What are the TOP 10 Shore Excursions in Poland - Gdańsk?

TOP 10 Gdańsk Shore Excursions

You are going on a cruise on the Baltic Sea, which will reveal to you many fascinating destinations. One of them is Gdańsk in Poland. The atmosphere of the Old Town in Gdańsk, the history of Solidarity - that is, the road to overthrow communism in Europe and much more can be discovered during the Gdańsk shore excursions.

Don’t just jump off your cruse ship and rush through Gdańsk in crowds. Do it in the local, relaxed and informative way!

You can go for a private Poland shore trips from porsts of Gdańsk and Gdynia. One day is enough to feel the city and explore it’s potential. You can choose one of the top Gdańsk Shore Exursions.

What are the TOP 10 Shore Excursions in Poland - Gdańsk?

1. Discover the Tri-City: Gdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia

In our opinion, this is the best shore excursion in Poland. During one trip you will discover three cities: historic Gdańsk, SPA resort - Sopot and modernist Gdynia.

Gdańsk with its thousand-year history will take you both to the Medieval Teutonic Order, through the beginnings of the World War II, to the overthrow of communism in Europe.

Sopot, in turn, will delight you with its tranquility of the seaside resort, where beautiful, sandy beaches and old, luxurious villas create a unique atmosphere.

For dessert, Gdynia, which has to offer both the beauty of nature and the unique modernist character of a young, 90-year-old city that grew out of the sea and dreams.

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2. Best of Gdańks. The essence of the Old Town

This trip is a journey through time and space. We will discover over a thousand years of Gdańsk history. A walk around the Main Town and the Old Town, both on the main attractions and off the beaten track. Our guide will reveal to you both historical curiosities and facts from the life of today's inhabitants of Gdańsk and Poles.

We promise that our trip will not be another boring passage through the meanders of history. We convey essences, and knowledge in a nutshell, which you will easily assimilate. Visiting the city can be fun and educational at the same time if it is run by people with passion. We love our city and we will gladly share our knowledge with you.

A great option when you want to get to know Gdańsk and you don't have much time. This is one of the best Shore Excursions in Gdańsk.

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3. Gdańsk Bike Tour

Many people say that a bicycle is a tourist's best friend. It allows you to discover more attractions in a shorter time, and also allows for a bit of exercise and recreation!

If you feel that you have been a bit too lazy during your cruise and you want to take an active shore excursion, go on a bike tour around Gdańsk.

In three hours you will visit some of the most interesting districts of Gdańsk. Main Town, Old Town, Gdańsk Shipyard and Lower Town. You will listen to the fascinating history of the city, from the Middle Ages to today's revitalization and directions of development of Gdańsk.

This bicycle shore tour in Gdańsk will introduce you to the essence of the city and its history in a short time, so that you still have time to relax in Gdańsk, for example in one of the local cafes or restaurants. In this way, during one shore trip in Gdańsk, you will combine activity with chillout.

If you want, we can start your bike trip in the port. We will deliver the bikes to the port in Gdańsk and we will set off to discover the city. Our TOP Shore Active Excursion in Gdańsk.

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4. Malbork Castle Tour and Westerplatte

This shore tour from Gdańsk is dedicated for fans of the Middle Ages or just for those who want to see the largest brick castle in Europe! Of course, inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The shore excursion unlike any other. While you are visiting northern Poland, it is impossible to miss this attraction.

A walk around Malbork castle - the most important castle of the Teutonic Order is one of the unique experiences. After the tour, we will take you for lunch to a real Polish village, where you will taste traditional Polish delicacies accompanied by the Żuławy nature and the history of the Mennonites.

Finally, we will take a sentimental walk around Westerplatte, where World War II officially began. You will hear the story of the morning of September 1, 1939 and you will feel the meaning of the words "No More War”.

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5. Stutthof: Travel in Time and Space

This is a very sentimental trip along the coast, during which we will visit one of the nazi concentration camps that existed during World War II in Poland.

This is a trip you will never forget. However, our day will not end there; we will take you to the beautiful beach in Stegna, where we will have a coffee or a meal before we go on. On the way back, we’ll show you some extraordinary Dutch architecture that dates back to the early 17th century.

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6. Gdańsk Solidarity Tour

As you probably know, the current geopolitical order in Europe was shaped long after the Second World War. During this Gdańsk shore excursion you will learn about the heroic attitude of the employees of the Gdańsk Shipyard and the path of Poland and Europe to democracy, to freedom from the yoke of communism. You will hear facts from the life of Poles in the times of the People's Republic of Poland, and see the places where the Nobel Peace Prize winner - Lech Wałęsa, inflamed the nation to fight for a better tomorrow. You will visit the Solidarity Museum and take a walk through the premises of the authentic Gdańsk Shipyard, just before it is revitalized.

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7. Gdańsk - Sopot Bike Tour

If you feel like an active shore excursion and making some miles (35 km) on two wheels while getting to know about both Gdańsk and Sopot you need to go for a bike tour with us!

There are many attractions waiting for you and we will show you the best local places on the route. You will discover our city from the inside. We will see everything that is most important, and even more. You will learn the history and beautiful nooks of the Old Town of Gdansk. On bikes we will easily move through the charming recesses of our cities. An excellent network of bike paths in Gdańsk will allow us to move around the city efficiently. On a bike ride we will discover the beautiful architecture of Gdańsk and the charming beaches of Sopot! Time for a bike adventure!

If you are active travelers and want to get to know as much as possible during a bike trip around Gdańsk and the Tri-City, we can deliver your bikes to the port in Gdańsk or Gdynia. Our new trekking bikes are the perfect fit for the active bike Shore Excursion in Gdańsk.

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8. Gdańsk Food Tour Experience

If you love to travel and discover new places by exploring its cuisine, this shore excursion will be the tastiest one in Poland. You will get familiar with polish tastes, like polish dumplings or a special polish soup - żurek. But also you will try some polish fast food, which is not so fast to prepare. Along with cuisine, you will find many interesting facts about the city of Gdańsk! For sure you will not get back to your cruise ship hungry!

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9. Amber Workshop

During this 1-hour amber workshop, you will be able to touch, feel, and work with amber. Process the raw piece of amber yourself while using machines professionals use in their work. The entire workshop and lecture will be conducted by a real amber craftsman at their workplace. After the workshop, take home the amber which you will have used to create yourself a personal piece of amber jewelry. Learn the history of amber processing, how to distinguish real amber from fake, and even more information about this gold of the north.

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10. Amber Trail in Gdańsk

This is an offer of the shore excursion in Gdańsk for real treasure hunters!

We will introduce you to an amber, otherwise known as the gold of the Baltic Sea. This trip will reveal to you the history of this amazing stone that goes back 40 million years. We will visit the modern Amber Museum in the historic Great Mill. Take a walk along St. Mary's Street, famous for the largest number of amber jewelry boutiques in Gdańsk. And what is very exciting is we will visit the authentic Old Workshop of a craftsman who has been working with amber for years, creating unique handicrafts.

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There are endless options to spend your time on your shore excursion break in Poland, but in our experience, as locals, we believe that the TOP 10 Gdańsk shore excursions listed above are the best choice. Everyone will find something for themselves among these offers. Historically, actively, chilling out, tasty, creative, innovative, in the city and in nature. Choose one of the Gdańsk shore excursions today!

All of our tours are offered for individual guests and small groups. We can arrange to pick you up from the Cruise Ship and drop you off as well. We are flexible and we can adjust our programs to you if you are willing to do it in your own way. Our guides are locals, who will introduce you to the top shore attractions in Gdańsk and its surroundings in a passionate way. You are welcome!