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Gdańsk Beer Trail

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Gdańsk beer trail
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Beer Tasting in Gdańsk

The Gdańsk Beer Trail is an adventure for smaller and larger groups that are looking for an extraordinary local adventure in Gdańsk.

Get to know the history of Gdańsk in an unusual and interesting way, through the prism of the golden drink, - BEER. The beer brewed in Gdańsk witnessed the greatest events in the city's history and its consumption was directly related to its ups and downs.

Beer consumption in Gdańsk was huge, but it also constituted a large part of the export, from where it reached the farthest corners of ancient Europe and beyond.

Learn the secrets of brewing beer, different styles and recipes.

During our beer adventure in Gdańsk, we will not only tell you about beer, but also try the best local craft beers.

Unique Gdańsk Adventure

We will visit breweries and enter the beer temples to learn beer brewing techniques from the beginning of production to the final effect that will be in your mugs.

We will show you almost a thousand years of the history of Gdańsk Brewery thanks to an interesting multimedia presentation.

Find out and taste what the famous Jopejskie Beer was, brewed in Gdańsk by the great astronomer Jan Heweliusz.

Learn the history of Gdańsk's Bowke, who did not shy away from beer and became a symbol of the port city.

Get to know the history of Gdańsk with all your senses and taste its beer tradition.


Gdańsk Beer Tour - short tour option

We can also organize a short, more economical version with a visit to one brewery. In total tour takes 2h.

Included in tour:

- tasting 6 different styles of beer

- lecture "History of Gdańsk Brewery" 20 min

- A visit to the brewery with a discussion of beer brewing procedures.

- visiting Gdańsk Old Town 1 h

Maximum number of participants - 100 people

What is a Beer Presentation:

What's included?

  • guide
  • beer tasting 1,5 L
  • beer lecture
  • visiting Gdansk Old Town
  • visiting two breweries


  • A visit to the brewery in the Old Town of Gdańsk, where you will try 6 different craft beers representing different styles.
  • Presentation "History of Gdańsk Brewery" 20 min
  • Walk through the Old Town to the second brewery
  • Visiting the brewery, entering the back room where beer is brewed. A conversation with a brewer about the art of brewing beer. Beer tasting 0.5 L
  • A walk through the Old Town, the story of Jan Heweliusz.
  • Tasting of Jopejskie Beer 30 ml and Gdańsk lager 0,5 L

Return policy

If the trip is canceled 7 days before its start, I will refund 100% of the funds paid. Within a period of less than 7 days, part of the funds will be returned depending on the fixed costs incurred by our company. If the trip is canceled 72 hours before the start, there is no refund.

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