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Gdańsk Amber Trail

Discover Gdańsk's Amber Wonders

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Amber Adventure Gdańsk

Gdańsk Amber Trail: Uncover Baltic Treasures

Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Gdańsk along the Amber Trail. Join us in discovering the beauty of Gdańsk and its greatest treasure – Baltic Amber. Let's set out on an incredible journey, exploring not only the city's remarkable history, its major landmarks, Old and Main Town, but also the beautiful and extraordinary tale of the Baltic treasure that has been present in Gdańsk's history since its inception, even hundreds of years before its establishment.

Unlock the Secrets of Gdańsk's Amber Trail

Learn about the formation of amber and visit a genuine amber workshop with us, where jewelry is still crafted using traditional methods. Explore the traditions and beliefs associated with the Baltic gold, and listen to stories about the ancient amber trade route connecting the north and south of Europe.

Experience the Charm of Gdańsk through its Amber Trail

At the end of our amber adventure in Gdańsk, we will visit the Amber Museum and the famous amber altar in the St. Bridget's Church in Gdańsk. A wealth of amber attractions awaits you in Gdańsk.

What's included?

  • guide
  • admission tickets
  • entrance to amber workshop
  • amber lecture
  • amber souvenir


  • Exploring the Main Town in GdańskWitness the richness of the historic city center of Gdańsk and delve into its extraordinary history. We will stroll through beautiful, picturesque streets to uncover not only various stories and postcard-perfect views but also to reach the historic amber workshop.
  • Amber WorkshopLet's step inside to indulge in a place where raw amber straight from the Baltic beaches finds its way into the hands of a professional amber artisan. Our friend has been creating masterpieces for over 30 years, utilizing Baltic gold. See how the process of amber processing looks and feel it with all your senses.
  • Old Town and Amber Museum We will traverse the historic district of Gdańsk and enter the recently opened Museum of Amber located in the former Great Mill building. Witness a vast collection of amber, in its raw and polished forms, transformed into artistic masterpieces. Marvel at beautiful inclusions where the prehistoric world is encapsulated in Baltic amber.
  • Amber Church in St. Bridget's ChurchAt the end of our amber trail walk in Gdańsk, we invite you to St. Bridget's Church to see the grand, majestic, and beautiful Amber Altar.

Return policy

If the trip is canceled 7 days before its start, I will refund 100% of the funds paid. Within a period of less than 7 days, part of the funds will be returned depending on the fixed costs incurred by our company. If the trip is canceled 72 hours before the start, there is no refund.

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