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Malbork Castle Tour and Westerplatte

Tour to Malbork Castle with Traditional Lunch 

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Castle in Malbork Tour

Malbork Castle Tour with visiting Westerpllate and Traditional Lunch

You know the stories of knights, sieges and spectacular battles, don’t you? The Castle in Malbork is an icon of Medieval Poland and the largest brick castle in the world. You will feel like a true explorer. Take an unforgettable one-day trip with us to the Tri-City’s environs! After the tour of the castle, we will take you exploring the most beautiful areas in the Żuławy Lowlands where you can discover the historical Mennonite trails (the Mennonites were Dutch colonists who settled in the area several centuries ago), see their old arcaded front houses, which are the most beautiful monuments of old Żuławy architecture, not to be found anywhere else in Poland. The last point of the program will be a visit to Westerplatte, the place where II World War began.

Malbork Castle

The largest brick Gothic fortification in Europe. Built of over 60 million bricks, it reigns over the Nogat River and reminds us of the power of the Teutonic Order. The fortification complex itself consists of three castles in one: Low Castle, Middle Castle and High Castle. The castle in Malbork has never been conquered and the legends of its power are still alive in the middle of the thick brick walls. Malbork Castle has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.


Westerplatte Peninsula

The Westerplatte peninsula is known all over the world and is also a must-see when visiting Gdańsk. The peninsula itself is full of ruins with a monumental obelisk sticking out on an artificial mound. Westerplatte, however, is not visited because of its beautiful monuments, but in order to remember the victims and devastation of the world's greatest conflict - World War II. A guided walk around Westerplatte will bring you closer to the secrets of the first battle of this conflict, as well as the meanders of multicultural Gdańsk and the people who inhabited it over the centuries. Learn the history of the heroic defense of Westerplatte and the fate of Polish soldiers on the European fronts.


What's included?

  • guide
  • private transport
  • visiting Malbork Castle Museum with audioguide (self guiding)
  • water
  • traditional polish lunch with craft beer or soft drinks
  • visiting Westerplatte, where the II World War started
  • all entrance fees


  • 9:00Hotel / Apartment pick up (from Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia) and 1 hour drive to Malbork City
  • 10:00 - 13:00Pick up audioguids and start visiting the Castle Museum in Malbork
  • 13:00 Meeting with a guide a drive for amazing local lunch.
  • 13:30 - 14:30 Traditional Polish Lunch with craft beer or soft drinks.
  • 15:00Road back to Gdańsk.
  • 15:30 - 16:30Visiting Westerplatte Peninsula.
  • 17:00Back to Gdańsk.

Return policy

If the trip is canceled 7 days before its start, I will refund 100% of the funds paid. Within a period of less than 7 days, part of the funds will be returned depending on the fixed costs incurred by our company. If the trip is canceled 72 hours before the start, there is no refund.

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