Best of Gdansk: Essence of the Old Town

3 hours 2018-02-11
Długa, Gdańsk, Polska Tour Guide: Sebastian

The Essence of the Old Town in Gdańsk

Gdańsk’s Old Town is full of mysteries. We’ve designed this trip for those of you who like to get to know a city inside out and expect something more than just your regular guided tour.

Gdansk has a lot to tell, it is enough to sharpen your senses and listen to the stories flowing through the historic streets. Take the charming streets of the Old Town of Gdansk with a local guide and let yourself be carried away into the vortex of a historic adventure. Get to know the history of Gdansk at the turn of the centuries and why everything begins in Gdansk.

The route we have prepared for you is very varied, not only in the history of the city and the people living in it. You will see everything worth seeing in the historic Main and Old Town of Gdańsk. We will go off the beaten track and see the most fascinating nooks and crannies, along with the town’s most important streets.

We promise that our trip will not be another boring passage through the meanders of history. We convey essences, knowledge in a nutshell, which you will easily assimilate. Visiting the city can be fun and educating at the same time if it is run by people with passion. We love our city and we will gladly share our knowledge with you.


Gdansk Guided Tour




  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Soft drinks



Gdansk Tour highlights:

  • Royal Way
  • Gothic Gdańsk Fortifications
  • St. Mary’s Basilica
  • Great Armory
  • Polish Post Office
  • II World War
  • Mariacka Street
  • Aber Trail
  • Long Market & Neptune Fountain
  • The Craine and Longshore
  • Prison Tower & Torture Chamber
  • Solidarity and The Road to Freedom



Meeting point:

In front of Wybrzeże Theatre. Teatralna Street no.4, Gdansk.

Gdansk Old Town
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