Best of Gdansk: Essence of the Old Town

3 hours 2018-02-11
Długa, Gdańsk, Polska Tour Guide: Sebastian

The Essence of the Old Town in Gdańsk

Gdańsk’s Old Town is full of mysteries. We’ve designed this trip for those of you who like to get to know a city inside out and expect something more than just your regular guided tour. You will see everything worth seeing in the historic Main and Old Towns of Gdańsk. We will go off the beaten track and see the most fascinating nooks and crannies, along with the Town’s most important streets. We will meet at Targ Węglowy (Coal Market) and go to the famous Długa (Long) Street. We will mingle with the Gdańsk locals to feel like home. Did you know that St Mary’s Church has the world’s largest indoor burial ground, and that the famous medieval Gdańsk Crane was built by the Teutonic Knights to better load and unload barrels of beer? We’ve got lots of interesting tidbits in store for you. Don’t fall for the boring old guided tours; Poland by Locals will show you how interesting and fun the Old Town can be!




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Meeting point:

In front of Wybrzeże Theatre

Gdansk Old Town
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