Shooting Range in Sopot

2 hours 2019-06-03
Sopot Tour Guide: Sebastian

Shooting Range in Sopot

Are you bored of lying on the beach in Sopot? We have an interesting alternative for you! A real shooting course! A new place located in the Sopot forests in a place where during the Second World War there were military training firing ranges. The idea of this place is not to come and shoot 40 rounds in 5 minutes as it looks on other commercial shooting ranges. Instructors will ensure that you get full training in the use of weapons, but also teach you how to properly move with the weapon and body balance. They are enthusiasts who approach to commercial shooting differently.

In price:

  • guide
  • 25 shoots from short gun
  • 10 shoots from a long gun (AK-47, AR-15)
  • training on the principles of proper shooting


Extra service

  • Hotel transfer


From: €75.00 Total: €75.00