Craft Beer Tour: taste & explore Gdansk with local beer lover

Beer Tour in Gdańsk
4 hours 2022-02-01
Gdańsk, Polska Tour Guide: Wojtek

Beer Tour in Gdańsk 

Visit Old Town in Gdańsk and Taste the best craft beers 

Do you want a taste of the nightlife in Gdańsk? Come with us to an evening tour of this beautiful city combined with a tasting of craft beer. Time to go on the Gdańsk Beer Trail and discover the history of this proud city. The beers you will be tasting are all local, craft brewed and very surprising. We will take you to the best pubs in Gdańsk and give you tips on what beers to choose. On our trip, we will stop at the trendiest places in Gdańsk: We will begin by going to the celebrated Pułapka (Trap) pub that offers intriguing variations on well-known beer malts and aromas. Nearby, we’ll go into the Lawendowa (Lavender), a retro pub for true nightlife connoisseurs. We will also go in the direction of Gdańsk Shipyard to the Wydział Remontowy (Repair Department) pub; its interior has the austere atmosphere of a shipyard backroom and its walls are covered with genuine newspapers and photographs from the 1980s. We will then go back to the Old Town to visit the famed Degustatornia (Sampling Station) with a selection of beers to make your head spin. We will certainly help you choose the right beer for you. We will also show you the Cathouse, a new spot on Gdańsk’s craft beer trail. We will end our trip in a place where it’s sometimes good to begin: the No To Cyk (Bottoms Up) shot bar so that we can end our evening on a real high. Then again, maybe it won’t be the end of the evening at all? 😉

Poland is famous for its excellent craft beer. Our brewers win international competitions and cultivate traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. Get to know our national treasure: the best Polish beer. Polish craft beer is an adventure and a joy to even the finest connoisseurs. You will have a foodie day with us to learn about the history of the Polish brewing industry, drink the best brews and sit back at the cosy and trendy pubs and breweries of the Gdańsk Main Town.


Discover the differences between beer styles, learn the secrets of how it is brewed and gain an expertise on a par with many a professional beer taster. No longer will it be a problem for you to tell the difference between, say, an AIPA and English ale.






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  • 5 x craft beer 0,33l
  • Oldschool meal
  • Shot of homemade vodka



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Gdańsk Old Town
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