Gdansk Beer Trail

4h 2018-12-14
Tour Guide: Sebastian

Gdańsk Beer Adventure

A great option for larger groups visiting Gdansk and looking for a way to visit the city in an extraordinary way. The Gdansk beer route combines history with good fun. It refers to the brewing traditions that are powerful and firmly rooted in the history of Gdansk. Go with us through the majestic Old Town, tasting the best Polish beers in local breweries and atmospheric cafes. We will also reveal the secrets of beer brewing, Polish traditional beers, new-wave trends in brewing and the history of Gdansk brewing.



In price:

  • guide
  • visit in three breweries
  • tasting 5 craft beers
  • the opening of a barrel with fresh beer
  • beer lecture
  • shot of homemade lemon vodka
  • sightseeing of St. Mary’s Basilica






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