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Christmas is coming and we all need some inspiration for Christmas gifts… well, here are some gift ideas from Gdańsk, which will work as a Christmas gift for grandma, as well as a gift for dad.

Of course, you will find most of the offers of Christmas gifts from Gdańsk at the Christmas Market (, which takes place at the Targ Węglowy square. The Christmas Market in Gdańsk has already started on 19th of November, and we will be able to buy gifts until the last minute, as it will be open until 24th of December.

List of Christmas presents is long, but at this point we wanted to present you a ranking of the best, unique and craft gifts from Gdańsk, which you will probably not find in shopping centers.

List of the most original souvenirs from Gdańsk

1. Coffee with Amber – Gdańsk Amber Coffee

Kawa z bursztynem z Gdańska


An elegant souvenir from Gdańsk, which contains the natural aroma of Baltic gold – amber. A gift for a real coffee lover, which will perfectly match the holiday time spent with family or friends. Gdańsk Amber Coffee served at home will intrigue all coffee lovers and make time with a cup of coffee a real adventure, discovering flavors and a reason to talk together. In addition, we can get to know a remarkable story connecting the history of Gdańsk and coffee, described on a stylish package.

Price: 55 PLN

2. Gold Wasser Liqueur

Goldwasser souvenir from Gdańsk


The Goldwasser Restaurant has prepared unusual gift sets. The well-known liqueur with real gold flakes will work as an original gift, the more so that in the proposed version it comes in a stylishly decorated bottle and an artistically decorated package. Hand-made decorations with golden thread, as well as the spicy, aromatic taste of Goldwasser make it an exclusive and sophisticated gift.

Prices for the gift sets varies from 64 up to 228 PLN.

3. Sets of sweets from the Bałtyk company

Sweets from Gdańsk


The Bałtyk Confectionery Plant is a real Chocolate Factory!

A set of sweets from the Gdańsk Chocolate Factory will always be a great gift. Chocolates, candies, pralines, lollipops, nuts. Local sweets wrapped in the paintings of the Gdańsk painter Magda Beneda, entitled “Look at Gdańsk” and „Be amazed by Tri-City”, as well as coffee-flavored chocolates, which remind us that in the past centuries Gdańsk created a fashion for drinking coffee in Poland. The rich offer of “Bałtyk” also includes the unique “Baltic Nuts” in the “colonial” label referring to the tradition of sea trade via the port in Gdańsk.

Prices start from 3 PLN for chocolate up to 67 PLN for 2,5 kilo of Gdańsk liquor-candies box.

4. Souvenirs from Visit Gdańsk

Souvenirs from Visit Gdansk


The official tourist website of Gdańsk, which promotes Gdańsk both in Poland and internationally. As every year has prepared Christmas gift sets from Gdańsk. We will find various combinations of gifts, from mugs and socks with colorful graphics with characteristic Gdańsk motifs, through scented candles, to a board game from Gdańsk.

Price: from 10 PLN up to 65 PLN.

5. Amber Jewelry From Gdańsk

Gdańsk Amber Workshop

Źródło: PBL

When looking for an amber gift, it is best to go to the famous St. Mary’s Street, where you will find the largest number of jewelry stalls in Gdańsk. We will discover there not only a variety of amber jewelry, but also other crafts made from amber. Off the beaten track, we can visit the Old Workshop at 19/20 Chlebnicka Street in Gdańsk, where Mr. Bogdan Kołpak has been making amber souvenirs with his own hands for 44 years.

Prices start from 50 PLN for a small earrings up.

6. Gdańsk photo album

Kosycarz Album Souvenir

Źródło: PBL

One of the albums by Maciej Kosycarz, a Polish photojournalist associated with Gdańsk and Pomerania, will be a perfect gift for the inhabitants of particular Gdańsk districts. The author has created a series of albums documenting the life of the City of Gdańsk and it’s citizens. Also available in Sztuka Wyboru in Gdańsk Garnizon district.

Price depends on the album we choose, but it shouldn’t be higher than 150 PLN.

7. Local Clothing and Gadgets

Gifts from Gdansk


Zakład Że 3Miasto is a local, Tri-City company that produces clothing and gadgets with motifs characteristic of Gdańsk, the Baltic Sea, the sea, or the entire Tri-City. Their collection includes both t-shirts with shipyard cranes and socks in Gdańsk tenement houses. A very practical gift, in any size and for every family member.

Price: For example pair of sox costs 25 PLN, and a t-shirt 89 PLN

8. Jopenbier beer – designed in Gdańsk

Gdańsk Jopen Bier


Gdańsk has an extremely rich history of brewing, and Jopenbier is a beer type native to Gdańsk. Jopenbier beer is made as a result of three different fermentations, it has a very dark, but not black, color, like cognac. This former recipe was recreated by the PG4 brewery, where you can both taste this historical drink and buy it as a gift. As every year, the PG4 Brewery prepares Christmas baskets full of beer surprises.

Price: 129 PLN for 700 ml

9. Gdańsk cycling t-shirt and cup

Bike souvenirs from Gdańsk


Gdańsk By Bike is a local initiative promoting cycling in Gdańsk. They offer a number of guided bicycle tours both in Gdańsk and the entire Tri-City. In summer, they invite guests for daily bicycle tours, which can be joined by anyone interested in the history of Gdańsk. In three hours, they will present you a thousand years of Gdańsk history and will take you beyond the beaten path. For this season, they have created a unique t-shirt + hat set, which, in line with the idea of “less is more”, promotes discovering Gdańsk on two wheels.

Price for a t-shirt + cup set is 120 PLN (order by e-mail).

10. Voucher for a trip with Poland By Locals

Rent a bike in Gdańsk

Źródło: PBL

Poland By Locals is a local tour operator, supporting incoming tourism to the Tri-City. We provide alternative and conscious sightseeing services for Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia and the region of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Give your loved ones a gift in the form of local experiences that will stay in your memory forever. Choose your favorite experience on our web.

Christmas Market Gdańsk

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