Best cafe with kids zone in Gdańsk

Play Cafes with Kid Play Spaces in Tri-City

Play Cafes with Kid Play Spaces in Tri-City



If you’re looking for a spot to grab your morning coffee or merely want to enjoy brunch in peace, these kid-friendly cafes can’t be beat. At Tricitys cafes and restaurants you will find a welcoming environment, great food, and a caffeine jolt, as well as dedicated and safe play areas for your kids.

So turn your meal into a play date with a friend, or just sit back and take some well-deserved breathing space. Either way, both you and your kids are sure to have a good time.



Let’s start with Gdynia, where we can find most cafes like that.


ALT café – Legionów112F/1, Gdynia Redłowo

Though ALT Café isn’t in the city center in our opinion It’s the best place in Tricity. Cafe offers multiple safe play areas, each overflowing with imaginative toys, from cars and blocks to pool with balls and a play kitchen. Parents can enjoy a good coffee and bistro menu such as salads, tarts and delicious pizzas sitting at the table watching their kids in action.

It is a good place for the youngest world explorers as well. Safe grassy ground and big space makes these café perfect place to crawl, walk on all fours and to learn walking as well.

What is more you can enjoy specialties of the house in calm as well, what is possible thanks to first room of Café separated from the playground.





Ciciubabka Café – Piłsudzkiego 30, Gdynia

The best spot to drop in with your kids in the Gdynia center. Parents can relax with coffee and delicious cake, or give kids a lunch break with quick bites like a fresh sandwiches and snacks like applesauce and jelly. The play space gives parents a moment to take a break while keeping an eye on the kids. Classes and special events are appreciated by locals. You can find some activities almost every day. From creative english classes for kids to cooking workshops for mums.





Now is a time for Sopot. Here we don’t have many options but we can recommend two places.


Dwie Zmiany Club-Gallery – Bohaterów Monte Cassino 31, Sopot

Local, cultural spot founded by a group of artists. You might have impression that in place, where you can listen to live music and taste craft beers, there is no space for kids, but you would be very wrong. Not only you can find small playground with toys and tipi but also they organize plastic workshops for children and more. Parents can enjoy lunch menu, good coffee, nice combination of tees.




Pomarańczowa Plaża Restaurant – Emili Plater 19, Sopot

It is restaurant, not cafe spot but they serve a good coffee and offers both outdoor and indoor areas full of wooden and plastic, baby-safe toys. It is perfect spot for a summer time, very close to the beach.





Last but not least on the list is beauty full Gdańsk.


Baby Café – Juliusza Słowackiego 4d, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

That’s restaurant and cafe in one. You can enjoy this friendly environment just having coffee or organizing your baby’s first birthday too. The cafe serves fresh-baked goods, healthy drinks and eats for kids and parents, and a welcoming local atmosphere. It is situated close to Galeria Bałtycka shopping center in Wrzeszcz district, which is not very famous among tourists but definitely worth visiting!




Kos Restaurant – Piwna 9/10, Gdańsk Old Town

Restaurant which decided that kids are the most important guests. They not only serve special kids menu, but also decided that a big piece of restaurant will be dedicated only for children. Special playroom with toys for the youngest and game consoles for older kids is available. Parents can eat their meal in calm looking after their children looking at special monitor.





There are more children friendly spots in Tri-City, but these six seems to be the best.







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