What to do in Gdańsk

TOP 10 Things to do when it is raining

When you are coming to Tri-City you have to prepare for a bad weather. Even in mid of summer it can rain for all over a week and you can do nothing with this. You have to accept this fact like we do and have fun. Below we put 10 things you can do in Tri-City without thinking about the weather forecast.



  • Climbing

Try to climb in Gdańsk. We have a big variety of boulders and fine climbing wall. You can rent all the equipment, event a shoes. Go by your own or take some friends             and family. Before 4 pm there is a lot of space to climb and find best routs.





  • Jump City

The biggest trampoline place in the region. Crazy fun for everybody.


  •  Eksperyment

Best fun for kids but adults can also spend a very pleasant day here. Experiment is place where you can touch and feel the science. Many station whit a lot of fun and knowledge about basic rules in our universe.


  • European Solidarity Center

Learn more about modern polish history. Be ready for huge package of knowledge about soviet time in Poland. Incredible museum, with planty of movies, photos and interactive exhibitions. Join to Solidarity Trade Union and be part of a history!


  • Emigration Museum

Opened on May 16, 2015, the museum tells the story of centuries of emigration by Poles from their homeland and examines the reasons and the results of this emigration for Poland, the emigrants and their descendants and the effect that these emigrants had on the countries where they settled.


  • Gdynia Aquarium

A perfect place to visit on days when the weather forces you inside, the Gdynia Aquarium is stuffed with over 2,000 creatures and pint-sized guests will delight in seeing every one. Exhibits cover marine life from across the globe, like Australian spotted jellyfish and Amazon-dwelling giant arapaima, but also delve into the evolution of submersible technology through the decades.


  • Museum of IIWW

Best chance to to make a small reviev  what you know about IIWW. A conflict that would go onto claim the lives of an estimated 55 million people is a both a huge and complicated story to tell but this exhibition which tells the story with one eye always on the experience of Poland, does in our opinion achieve that quite brilliantly. One tip for you – book a lot of time to see everything what is on exhibition.


  • Pit Stop Electric Go-karts

Great fun even during the freezing cold winter. Take your friends and spend a brilliant time, racing and speeding. Once you get it into third gear the cart really moves and the track is challenging enough to make it good fun.



  • Paintball in Gdańsk Shipyard

Found in the remains of a huge, WWII concrete bunker once used to assemble U-Boats, these chaps can organise paintballing at anytime – 24/7 – in a 3,000m² space featuring bunkers, corridors and weird lighting. Take more people with you or join to other group. This place is really huge.



  • Tasting Polish Craft Beers

If you are a beer lover, craft beek geak or you want to just try something new, we have a great news for you – Poland is one of the best destination in the world to try best craft beers. Find the perfect local pub with a huge range of the beers and fall in love with it. Spend a wonderfull day and discover new tastes of a beer.










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