Visiting Gdańsk? Need a guide?

Experience Gdańsk with local guides.

We are a group of city and local guides in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. We create new tourist programs and open to visitors of our region, new routes and tourist attractions. We are people from here, residents of the Tri-City, passionate about various interests. We share love for Gdansk and the Tri-City. We provide tours not only around the Gdansk. We will be happy to take you further, we will discover Kashubia, Żuławy and other nooks of our region. We will take you beyond the beaten trails, away from tourist crowdes and commercial trash. We promise that our trip will not be another boring passage through the meanders of history. We convey essences, knowledge in a nutshell, which you will easily acquire. Visiting the city can be fun and educating at the same time if it is run by people with passion. We love our city and we will gladly share our knowledge with you.

We provide tours in Polish and English.

Our guide rates:

up to 4h 400 PLN
4h – 8h 500 PLN
Transfers and full-day trips 600 PLN

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