Discover Gdańsk By Bike

Cycling in Gdańsk

Biking in Gdańsk

Gdańsk is one of the most bike friendly cities in Poland, and cycling become a part of local culture. There is no exaggeration in calling Gdansk “the cycling capital of Poland”. If you want to really understand the city like a local, you have to do it from the saddle of a bike!

Bike paths overall are almost 600 km long! Numerous paths and the new ones begin to be connected into one integrated transportation network increasingly frequently provided with traffic supporting devices like traffic lights, speed bumps or locks. There has been an increasing number of service shops in the city, e.g. by the Gdańsk University of Technology or several new ones in Przymorze.





Bike Paths

By far the most frequented bike path in Gdańsk was the one along the seaside. Such extended network of bike paths supports unrestricted travel in numerous districts – bicycle sightseeing of Oliwa, Wrzeszcz and the historic Centre in one day is no longer a major challenge.


Gdańsk by Bike

There is a no better option to see all top attractions in Gdańsk than on two wheels. Flat terrain and many stops make this trail easy to ride. Start the bike trip in a real hart of Gdańsk Old Town and discover a unique beauty of monumental architecture and picture postcard landscape. Almost all paths in Main Gdańsk are bike accessible and you don’t have to worry about breaking a law. All the cyclist are really welcome in Gdańsk Old Town but during a high season be careful and watch out for pedestrians. We advise avoiding main tourist paths during the high season weekends, when the tourist crowd is stacking in narrow streets. If you feel uncomfortable and you look for bike chill out you have to hit to Low Town area. Despite the fact, this district is only 10 minutes riding a bike from Main Gdańsk you can feel almost like in the countryside or very small town.  It wasn’t as much destroyed as a center of Gdańsk during World War II and now you can see here original city architecture from XVIII and XIX century. Ride along a channel “Odpływ Motławy” and go directly to Gdańsk Shipyard to meet with our modern history. When you will cycling through industrial district don’t forget to visit European Solidarity Museum. You can use an elevator and go to 6th-floor where is a nice view platform with famous Gdańsk cranes panorama.



Sopot – Gdańsk

For less enduring and experienced cyclists there are a few proposals of bicycle trips. The route leads over 15 km of picturesque places in Gdansk and Sopot. From the historic park in Jelitkowo, over the pier in Brzeźno, by the amber Stadium to the heart of Gdansk or its historic centre. Here it is worth seeing St. Mary’s Church, the Main City Townhall which houses a branch of the Historical Museum of Gdansk or you can relax over the Motława watching the historic buildings of the Long Embankment. The route will take up to 3 hours to cover, including short stops on the way.



Oliwa Valley Route

An easier although not shorter route (about 24 km) is another tip to select a place for bicycle rides. Most of the route is along paved roads although there are sandy fragments. This is an ideal option for people who prefer recreation far from frequented routes. However, this route may also prove tiresome as there are several uphill sections. The trip will take 3 to 4 hours – this obviously depends on how much time we will spend on visiting places on the route like: Jelitkowo Park or Oliwa Park, water smithy in Oliwa, Museum of Sopot or the Southern Park with the oldest trees having 130 years and the numerous valleys (Dolina Ewy, Dolina Świeżej Wody, Dolina Zajączowskiego Potoku, Dolina Radości, Dolina Schwabego and Dolina Oliwskiego Potoku).



Puck – Władysławowo – Jastarnia – Hel Route

A long medium difficult route of about 44 km. A picturesque seaside route which on the section Puck-Władysławowo  is a part of the R-10 bike path (Seaside Hanseatic Trail).  The route runs almost exclusively on a bike path; only the fragment between Chałupy and Jastarnia has to be covered on a pedestrian path. The vicinity of the Baltic Sea is the major attraction of the route. Apart from the picturesque Baltic beaches and a great view of the Bay of Puck, the attractions include a pedestrian pier, Seal Sanctuary and Fishing Museum in Hel and the attractions of Władysławowo. Additionally, on the route you will find two nature protected areas – Seaside Landscape Park and Słone Łąki Nature Reserve.



On the map you can find more bike routes and create something individual. Always you can hit to local Tourist Information and ask for bike paths maps.





If you don’t want to be lost, you can always join a bike tour with PolandByLocals. We organize a bike tours every day at 10:00 in front of House of Bike on Ogarna Street 119.

Bike tours are one of the best ways to explore Gdańsk. Our tour will provide you with an interesting history of the city, and is a great chance to make some new friends. Great exercise and the perfect way to spend a glorious summer day in the city, these tour are a must for those who want to get to know the city on more intimate terms.

Every day we will discover the Old Town for you, tell you about its historical monuments and delve into the regenerated Low Town. There, amidst the greenery, canals and the beautiful architecture, we will tell you about the extraordinary mysteries of this part of town. Explore with us old forts from XVII century on Gradowa Mountain with an amazing panorama of Gdańsk. We will also ride our bikes to the Gdańsk Shipyard where you will hear about the living proud history of Solidarity and the struggle for a free Poland amidst the industrial space with its distinctive cranes. The route is full of many stops at our favorite local sites.




If you look for bikes for rent in Gdańsk city center always you can contact with House Of Bikes on Ogarna Street 119. They have plenty comfortable new city bikes which they can adjust very fast to any adult size. Location of bike rental is a perfect place to start your Gdańsk bike adventure. From here you can explore directly narrow streets of Old Town or go directly to green Low Town area. Always you can ask a personnel House of Bikes for advise where to go and what to see.

Contact to bike rental:




Don’t wait  and start exploring Gdańsk by bike!




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