Gdańsk Shore Excursions

TOP 10 Gdańsk Shore Excursions

TOP 10 Gdańsk Shore Excursions

You are going on a cruise on the Baltic Sea, which will reveal to you many fascinating destinations. One of them is Gdańsk in Poland. The atmosphere of the Old Town in Gdańsk, the history of Solidarity – that is, the road to overthrow communism in Europe and much more can be discovered during the Gdańsk shore excursions. 

Don’t just jump off your cruse ship and rush through Gdańsk in crowds. Do it in the local, relaxed and informative way! 

You can go for a private Poland shore trips from porsts of Gdańsk and Gdynia. One day is enough to feel the city and explore it’s potential. You can choose one of the top Gdańsk Shore Exursions. 

What are the TOP 10 Shore Excursions in Poland – Gdańsk?



Discover the Tri-City: Gdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia


Top Shore Excursions in GdańskIn our opinion, this is the best shore excursion in Poland. During one trip you will discover three cities: historic Gdańsk, SPA resort – Sopot and modernist Gdynia.

Gdańsk with its thousand-year history will take you both to the Medieval Teutonic Order, through the beginnings of the World War II, to the overthrow of communism in Europe.

Sopot, in turn, will delight you with its tranquility of the seaside resort, where beautiful, sandy beaches and old, luxurious villas create a unique atmosphere.

For dessert, Gdynia, which has to offer both the beauty of nature and the unique modernist character of a young, 90-year-old city that grew out of the sea and dreams.

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Best of Gdańks. Essence of the Old Town

City Game GdańskThis trip is a journey through time and space. We will discover over a thousand years of Gdańsk history. A walk around the Main Town and the Old Town, both on the main attractions and off the beaten track. Our guide will reveal to you both historical curiosities and facts from the life of today’s inhabitants of Gdańsk and Poles.

We promise that our trip will not be another boring passage through the meanders of history. We convey essences, knowledge in a nutshell, which you will easily assimilate. Visiting the city can be fun and educating at the same time if it is run by people with passion. We love our city and we will gladly share our knowledge with you.

A great option when you want to get to know Gdańsk and you don’t have much time. This one of the best Shore Excursion in Gdańsk. 

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Gdańsk Bike Tour


Rent a bike in GdańskMany people say that a bicycle is a tourist’s best friend. It allows you to discover more attractions in a shorter time, and also allows for a bit of exercise and recreation!

If you feel that you have been a bit too lazy during your cruise and you want to take an active shore excursion, go on a bike tour around Gdańsk.

In three hours you will visit some of the most interesting districts of Gdańsk. Main Town, Old Town, Gdańsk Shipyard and Lower Town. You will listen to the fascinating history of the city, from the Middle Ages to today’s revitalization and directions of development of Gdańsk.

This bicycle shore tour in Gdańsk will introduce you to the essence of the city and its history in a short time, so that you still have time to relax in Gdańsk, for example in one of the local cafes or restaurants. In this way, during one shore trip in Gdańsk, you will combine activity with chillout.

If you want, we can start your bike trip in the port. We will deliver the bikes to the port in Gdańsk and we will set off to discover the city. Our TOP Shore Active Excursion in Gdańsk. 

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Malbork Castle Tour and Westerplatte


Tour to Malbork Castle from GdańskThis shore tour from Gdańsk is dedicated for fans of the Middle Ages or just for those who want to see the largest brick castle in Europe! Of course, inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The shore excursion unlike any other. While you are visiting northern Poland, it is impossible to miss this attraction.

A walk around Malbork castle – the most important castle of the Teutonic Order is one of the unique experiences. After the tour, we will take you for lunch to a real Polish village, where you will taste traditional Polish delicacies accompanied by the Żuławy nature and the history of the Mennonites.

Finally, we will take a sentimental walk around Westerplatte, where World War II officially began. You will hear the story of the morning of September 1, 1939 and you will feel the meaning of the words “No More War”.

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Stutthof: Travel in Time and Space


Stutthof Tour from GdańskThis is a very sentimental trip along the coast, during which we will visit one of the nazi concentration camps that existed during World War II in Poland.

This is a trip you will never forget. However, our day will not end there; we will take you to the beautiful beach in Stegna, where we will have a coffee or a meal before we go on. On the way back, we’ll show you some extraordinary Dutch architecture that dates back to the early 17th century.

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Gdańsk Solidarity Tour 


Zwiedzanie Stoczni GdańskiejAs you probably know, the current geopolitical order in Europe was shaped long after the Second World War. During this Gdańsk shore excursion you will learn about the heroic attitude of the employees of the Gdańsk Shipyard and the path of Poland and Europe to democracy, to freedom from the yoke of communism. You will hear facts from the life of Poles in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, and see the places where the Nobel Peace Prize winner – Lech Wałęsa, inflamed the nation to fight for a better tomorrow. You will visit the Solidarity Museum and take a walk through the premises of the authentic Gdańsk Shipyard, just before it is revitalized. 

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Gdańsk – Sopot Bike Tour 


Rent a bike in GdańskIf you feel like an active shore excursion and making some miles (35 km) on two wheels while getting to know about both Gdańsk and Sopot you need to go for a bike tour with us!

There are many attractions waiting for you and we will show you the best local places on the route. You will discover our city from the inside. We will see everything that is most important, and even more. You will learn the history and beautiful nooks of the Old Town of Gdansk. On bikes we will easily move through the charming recesses of our cities. An excellent network of bike paths in Gdańsk will allow us to move around the city efficiently. On a bike ride we will discover not only the beautiful architecture of Gdańsk but also the charming beaches of Sopot! Time for a bike adventure!

If you are active travelers and want to get to know as much as possible during a bike trip around Gdańsk and the Tri-City, we can deliver your bikes to the port in Gdańsk or Gdynia. Our new trekking bikes are the perfect fit for the active bike Shore Excursion in Gdańsk.

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Gdańsk Food Tour Experience


Gdańsk Food Tour

If you love to travel and discover new places by exploring its cuisine, this shore excursion will be the most tasty one in Poland. You will get familiar with polish tastes, like a polish dumplings or a special polish soup – żurek. But also you will try some polish fast food, which is not so fast to prepare. Along with cuisine, you will find many interesting facts about the city of Gdańsk! For sure you will not get back to your cruise ship hungry!

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Amber Workshop 


Gdańsk Amber WorkshopDuring this 1-hour amber workshop, you will be able to touch, feel, and work with amber. Process the raw piece of amber yourself while using machines professionals use in their work. The entire workshop and lecture will be conducted by a real amber craftsman at their workplace. After the workshop, take home the amber which you will have used to create yourself a personal piece of amber jewelry. Learn the history of amber processing, how to distinguish real amber from fake, and even more information about this gold of the north.

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Amber Trail in Gdańsk


Gdańsk Amber TrailThis is an offer of the shore excursion in Gdańsk for real treasure hunters!

We will introduce you to an amber, otherwise known as the gold of the Baltic Sea. This trip will reveal to you the history of this amazing stone that goes back 40 million years. We will visit the modern Amber Museum in the historic Great Mill. Take a walk along St. Mary’s Street, famous for the largest number of amber jewelry boutiques in Gdańsk. And what is very exciting is we will visit the authentic Old Workshop of a craftsman who has been working with amber for years, creating unique handicrafts.


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There are endless options to spend your time on your shore excursion break in Poland, but in our experience, as locals, we believe that the TOP 10 Gdańsk shore excursions listed above are the best choice. Everyone will find something for themselves among these offers. Historically, actively, chilling out, tasty, creative, innovative, in the city and in the nature. Choose one of the Gdańsk shore excursions today!

All of our tours are offered for individual guests and small groups. We can arrange pick up from the Cruise Ship and drop off as well. We are flexible and we can adjust our programs to you if you are willing to do it in your own way. Our guides are locals, who will introduce you to the top shore attractions in Gdańsk and its surroundings in a passionate way. You are welcome!


craft shopping in Gdańsk



Christmas is coming and we all need some inspiration for Christmas gifts… well, here are some gift ideas from Gdańsk, which will work as a Christmas gift for grandma, as well as a gift for dad.

Of course, you will find most of the offers of Christmas gifts from Gdańsk at the Christmas Market (https://bozonarodzeniowy.pl), which takes place at the Targ Węglowy square. The Christmas Market in Gdańsk has already started on 19th of November, and we will be able to buy gifts until the last minute, as it will be open until 24th of December.

List of Christmas presents is long, but at this point we wanted to present you a ranking of the best, unique and craft gifts from Gdańsk, which you will probably not find in shopping centers.

List of the most original souvenirs from Gdańsk

1. Coffee with Amber – Gdańsk Amber Coffee

Kawa z bursztynem z Gdańska

Źródło: ambercoffbee.pl

An elegant souvenir from Gdańsk, which contains the natural aroma of Baltic gold – amber. A gift for a real coffee lover, which will perfectly match the holiday time spent with family or friends. Gdańsk Amber Coffee served at home will intrigue all coffee lovers and make time with a cup of coffee a real adventure, discovering flavors and a reason to talk together. In addition, we can get to know a remarkable story connecting the history of Gdańsk and coffee, described on a stylish package.

Price: 55 PLN

2. Gold Wasser Liqueur

Goldwasser souvenir from Gdańsk

Źródło: goldwasser.pl

The Goldwasser Restaurant has prepared unusual gift sets. The well-known liqueur with real gold flakes will work as an original gift, the more so that in the proposed version it comes in a stylishly decorated bottle and an artistically decorated package. Hand-made decorations with golden thread, as well as the spicy, aromatic taste of Goldwasser make it an exclusive and sophisticated gift.

Prices for the gift sets varies from 64 up to 228 PLN.

3. Sets of sweets from the Bałtyk company

Sweets from Gdańsk

Źródło: baltyk.pl

The Bałtyk Confectionery Plant is a real Chocolate Factory!

A set of sweets from the Gdańsk Chocolate Factory will always be a great gift. Chocolates, candies, pralines, lollipops, nuts. Local sweets wrapped in the paintings of the Gdańsk painter Magda Beneda, entitled “Look at Gdańsk” and „Be amazed by Tri-City”, as well as coffee-flavored chocolates, which remind us that in the past centuries Gdańsk created a fashion for drinking coffee in Poland. The rich offer of “Bałtyk” also includes the unique “Baltic Nuts” in the “colonial” label referring to the tradition of sea trade via the port in Gdańsk.

Prices start from 3 PLN for chocolate up to 67 PLN for 2,5 kilo of Gdańsk liquor-candies box.

4. Souvenirs from Visit Gdańsk

Souvenirs from Visit Gdansk

Źródło: visitgdansk.com

The official tourist website of Gdańsk, which promotes Gdańsk both in Poland and internationally. As every year has prepared Christmas gift sets from Gdańsk. We will find various combinations of gifts, from mugs and socks with colorful graphics with characteristic Gdańsk motifs, through scented candles, to a board game from Gdańsk.

Price: from 10 PLN up to 65 PLN.

5. Amber Jewelry From Gdańsk

Gdańsk Amber Workshop

Źródło: PBL

When looking for an amber gift, it is best to go to the famous St. Mary’s Street, where you will find the largest number of jewelry stalls in Gdańsk. We will discover there not only a variety of amber jewelry, but also other crafts made from amber. Off the beaten track, we can visit the Old Workshop at 19/20 Chlebnicka Street in Gdańsk, where Mr. Bogdan Kołpak has been making amber souvenirs with his own hands for 44 years.

Prices start from 50 PLN for a small earrings up.

6. Gdańsk photo album

Kosycarz Album Souvenir

Źródło: PBL

One of the albums by Maciej Kosycarz, a Polish photojournalist associated with Gdańsk and Pomerania, will be a perfect gift for the inhabitants of particular Gdańsk districts. The author has created a series of albums documenting the life of the City of Gdańsk and it’s citizens. Also available in Sztuka Wyboru in Gdańsk Garnizon district.

Price depends on the album we choose, but it shouldn’t be higher than 150 PLN.

7. Local Clothing and Gadgets

Gifts from Gdansk

Źródło: zakladze3miasto.pl

Zakład Że 3Miasto is a local, Tri-City company that produces clothing and gadgets with motifs characteristic of Gdańsk, the Baltic Sea, the sea, or the entire Tri-City. Their collection includes both t-shirts with shipyard cranes and socks in Gdańsk tenement houses. A very practical gift, in any size and for every family member.

Price: For example pair of sox costs 25 PLN, and a t-shirt 89 PLN

8. Jopenbier beer – designed in Gdańsk

Gdańsk Jopen Bier

Źródło: pg4.pl

Gdańsk has an extremely rich history of brewing, and Jopenbier is a beer type native to Gdańsk. Jopenbier beer is made as a result of three different fermentations, it has a very dark, but not black, color, like cognac. This former recipe was recreated by the PG4 brewery, where you can both taste this historical drink and buy it as a gift. As every year, the PG4 Brewery prepares Christmas baskets full of beer surprises.

Price: 129 PLN for 700 ml

9. Gdańsk cycling t-shirt and cup

Bike souvenirs from Gdańsk

Źródło: gdanskbybike.com

Gdańsk By Bike is a local initiative promoting cycling in Gdańsk. They offer a number of guided bicycle tours both in Gdańsk and the entire Tri-City. In summer, they invite guests for daily bicycle tours, which can be joined by anyone interested in the history of Gdańsk. In three hours, they will present you a thousand years of Gdańsk history and will take you beyond the beaten path. For this season, they have created a unique t-shirt + hat set, which, in line with the idea of “less is more”, promotes discovering Gdańsk on two wheels.

Price for a t-shirt + cup set is 120 PLN (order by e-mail).

10. Voucher for a trip with Poland By Locals

Rent a bike in Gdańsk

Źródło: PBL

Poland By Locals is a local tour operator, supporting incoming tourism to the Tri-City. We provide alternative and conscious sightseeing services for Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia and the region of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Give your loved ones a gift in the form of local experiences that will stay in your memory forever. Choose your favorite experience on our web.

Christmas Market Gdańsk

There is more fun in Gdańsk!

Gdańsk Out of the beat ten tracks

TOP 7 Places out of the beaten track in Gdansk

Gdansk TOP highlights out of the beaten track

Visit Gdańsk with Poland By Locals. 

Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia are one of the most visited destinations in our country by guests from abroad. Most visitors visit the most obvious places in the Tri-City: Długa Street, a long pier in Sopot or a park in Oliwa. However, we have much more to offer. Gdansk can be explored in a variety of ways and look for attractions beyond the usual routes. Below are some suggestions of places that we consider to be unique and still uncontaminated by mass tourism.


What to see in Gdańsk off the beaten track?

Gdynia Redłowo BAS

With the rapid SKM train you can reach quickly and efficiently in every corner of our agglomeration. One of the places we recommend you to visit is Kepa Redlowska. One of our best destination out out of the beaten tracks in Tri-City. Protected area, located just in the heart of the city. Covered with dense mixed forests that stop on the cliffs falling into the Baltic Sea. It hides not only beautiful gorges and picturesque landscapes, but also military remains that once formed the main line of defense of the coast of this part of the Baltic Sea. Wandering through the forest you will come across bunkers, shooting stands and BAS (Fixed Artillery Batteries), which after the last renovations have preserved the original look and some functions of combat efficiency ( they turn around :)).

You can get here by getting off at the SKM Orlowo station. Then, go to the seaside to the popular and often crowded boulevard leading directly to the charming pier. Walk continue along the picturesque path above the Gdynia cliffs. Find the Naval Base and along the fence, make your way to the peaks of the moraine hills. There you will find permanent artillery positions. To avoid going back the same way, we suggest going along the beach to the center of Gdynia. It will always be an opportunity to follow the Gdynia Modernism trail. The walk will lead you along an alternative route along the sea, along the last wild beaches in the Tri-City.





Kolibki Lookout Tower

One of our favorite routes to explore Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot is the one that passes through all the viewpoints. From each of them stretches a beautiful panorama of the Tri-City, Gdansk and Zatoka Gdańska. With good visibility, we can see the Hel Peninsula and all ships waiting to enter the port of Gdynia and Gdansk.

If you do not have the fear of heights, you must visit the observation tower in Kolibki, located on the border of Sopot and Gdynia. The height of the tower is 50 meters, but the observation deck is located at a height of 28 meters. It seems not high? In combination with the natural elevation of the area, it gives the perfect height to admire the most beautiful panorama of the Gulf of Gdansk. Sometimes when we climb here, we forget that we are in almost a million-strong agglomeration.

The tower is closed to visitors in the winter season. Free admission for everyone.

You will get here very easily from the SKM Orlowo stop. Turn towards the Tlusta Kaczka restaurant, and then go up behind the golf shooting range.




Pacholek Mountain and the Valley of Joy

The Oliwa Park and the post-Cistercian unit in Oliwa are a well-known and popular stops when visiting Gdansk. Inside the longest church in Poland, the Oliwa Basilica, you can listen to concerts of organ music, which resound in the season almost every hour.

But we do not want to write here about the obvious attractions, but about what you can visit while visiting the most famous places in Gdansk. It is very easy to explore Oliwa out off the beaten tracks.

Once you go round the Cistercian complex, you can climb a nearby hill, crowned with a metal lookout tower. The Pacholek, which measures 101 m in height, is an ideal observation site for Gdansk, the Gdansk Bay and the beautiful scenery of the Oliwa Forests. There is no many poeople here who want to climb. Good for us!

After leaving Pacholek, you can go to a small exploration of the surrounding areas. Not far from the Oliwa ZOO there is a narrow road that leads towards the historic water forge from the end of the 16th century. Then turn right towards the Dwor Oliwski hotel and enter the forest to the beautiful Dolina Zgniyych Mostow. If time allows you, go further by bouncing to the left. You will make a small loop and you will reach the Valley of Joy, which you can return to the center of Oliwa. On the way you will find ponds and restaurants “Rybakowka”, known for preparing fresh fish.

On the way back to SKM, visit the old part of the Oliwa district. Its charming, original architecture survived the stormy battles in 1945 and kept its original, unchanging from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

GoogleMaps helps you navigate. We also recommend the AlpineQuest application.




Lower Town and Bastions in Gdańsk

The Lower Town of Gdansk, although located within a 10-minute walk from the Old Town of Gdansk, is still underestimated and avoided by tourists. During our daily bicycle trips in the summer season, we explore with forgotten corners of the Lower Town with our guests.

A tour of the Lower Town provides a lot of joy, and this is because you can explore them in a million ways. It is never crowded and you should definitely enter it as a unique point on the route beyond the usual routes. By bike, on foot and by kayak, each option will give us a different view of this original district. The original one not only because of the numerous buildings that survived the battle for Gdansk in 1945, but because of its character. Slightly dark and atmospheric streets take us back to the beginning of the century. However, we do not have to be afraid, the local people are very kind and willingly talk about their district.

One of the main attractions of the Lower Town are bastions, being the remains of the fortifications of the southern Gdansk from the 17th century. You can climb up to two of them, the Bastion of Gertrude and Bastion of Bison, from where there is a little-known panorama of the city.

The Lower Town is also a beautiful recreational area. A lot of greenery, the proximity of the Motlawa and Oplyw Motlawy channels make this place ideal for active rest. If you came to Gdansk and look for a place to run or stretch your bones, we definitely recommend the Lower Town.

Also, from the Zabi Kruk harbor, you can rent canoes and explore Gdansk’s canals on your own.

One of the lesser-known places in Gdansk is the Zejman Club. Moved to the Lowland Gate from Wyspa Spichrzow is an interesting proposition for fans of sailing and shanty music. The sea people club organizes here shanty concerts, meetings and lectures. You can always drop in for a beer and forget about tourist traffic jams on Dluga Street.




Gdansk Shipyard

We do not need to introduce anyone to the Gdansk Shipyard. A historically unique place. A witness of the largest workers strikes on the coast in 1980. The birthplace of the largest social movement in the history of the world – Solidarity. Workplace of the Nobel laureate and the first president of free Poland, Lech Walesa.

However, the Gdansk Shipyard was here a long time before the strikes, there was a hedgehog before II World War and even before World War I. The history of its oldest parts dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the Imperial Shipyard was established, followed by Schichau Shipyard.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Gdansk Shipyard, whose main goal is the ECS museum (European Solidarity Center). We want to encourage you to explore other nooks and crannies of post-factories. If you are already in ECS, do not fail to enter the observation terraces located on the last, 6th floor of the building.

A new tourist route has recently been opened between the old production facilities of the Imperial Shipyard. We also encourage you to find Lech Walesa’s workshop and climb to the platform leading to the platform SKM Stocznia, where you will have the best panorama on the famous Gdansk cranes Kone.

Another alternative version of the Gdańsk Shipyard is its night cultural and entertainment offer. The Gdańsk Shipyard became an artistic alternative for the Main Town in Gdańsk. Here, in the climatic, post-town places, the rhythms of every music resound. Shippers and tourists from all over the Tri-City come to the shipyard in the evening. So if you are looking for entertainment, craft beer and a delightful atmosphere, head to the Gdansk shipyard.



Giant Murals in Zaspa

Not far from the center of Gdansk is the district of large murals – Zaspa. A special place for both enthusiasts of contemporary art and history buffs. Not popular atraction but really connected with alternative Gdansk off the beaten track.

The Monumental Painting Collection is an integrated gallery consisting of 59 large-format murals on the walls of the top blocks and 19 arrangements to enter the cages. The first works in the Collection were created in 1997 during an international festival organized as part of the celebrations of the millennium of Gdansk. The idea of ​​the collection’s development was returned in 2009, when the Monumental Art Festival was held for the first time.

The leader of Solidarity and the first president of Poland after 1989 – Lech Walesa also lived at the Gdansk Zaspa. On its block, where the flat of the Walesa’s family was located, you can find a mural depicting Wałesa.

In the Zaspa district there was also a military airport on which in 1987 Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass for nearly a million of the faithful arriving.

You will get here the fastest SKM train, getting off at the Zaspa stop.




Gdansk Post Office

At the end, a short hint for those who head towards the Polish Post Office building in Gdansk. The history of this place can be found in every guide about Gdansk. However, hardly anyone goes to the back of the post office. On its left there is a gate to the courtyard, at the end of which there is a great photograph, the last photo commemorating the heroic branch of Gdansk posters defending the center on September 1, 1939. On the original pre-war, brick wall, there is an installation referring directly to the photo of the arrested postofficers workers who stood under the wall and waited for their last transport.




Always you can book a tour with Poland By Locals! Local people know exactly where are perfect spots and with a pleasure will show you their city. Join the tour now!

Gdańsk Wzgórze Pachołek

There is more fun in Gdańsk!



Discover Gdańsk By Bike

Cycling in Gdańsk

Biking in Gdańsk

Gdańsk is one of the most bike friendly cities in Poland, and cycling become a part of local culture. There is no exaggeration in calling Gdansk “the cycling capital of Poland”. If you want to really understand the city like a local, you have to do it from the saddle of a bike!

Bike paths overall are almost 600 km long! Numerous paths and the new ones begin to be connected into one integrated transportation network increasingly frequently provided with traffic supporting devices like traffic lights, speed bumps or locks. There has been an increasing number of service shops in the city, e.g. by the Gdańsk University of Technology or several new ones in Przymorze.





Bike Paths

By far the most frequented bike path in Gdańsk was the one along the seaside. Such extended network of bike paths supports unrestricted travel in numerous districts – bicycle sightseeing of Oliwa, Wrzeszcz and the historic Centre in one day is no longer a major challenge.


Gdańsk by Bike

There is a no better option to see all top attractions in Gdańsk than on two wheels. Flat terrain and many stops make this trail easy to ride. Start the bike trip in a real hart of Gdańsk Old Town and discover a unique beauty of monumental architecture and picture postcard landscape. Almost all paths in Main Gdańsk are bike accessible and you don’t have to worry about breaking a law. All the cyclist are really welcome in Gdańsk Old Town but during a high season be careful and watch out for pedestrians. We advise avoiding main tourist paths during the high season weekends, when the tourist crowd is stacking in narrow streets. If you feel uncomfortable and you look for bike chill out you have to hit to Low Town area. Despite the fact, this district is only 10 minutes riding a bike from Main Gdańsk you can feel almost like in the countryside or very small town.  It wasn’t as much destroyed as a center of Gdańsk during World War II and now you can see here original city architecture from XVIII and XIX century. Ride along a channel “Odpływ Motławy” and go directly to Gdańsk Shipyard to meet with our modern history. When you will cycling through industrial district don’t forget to visit European Solidarity Museum. You can use an elevator and go to 6th-floor where is a nice view platform with famous Gdańsk cranes panorama.



Sopot – Gdańsk

For less enduring and experienced cyclists there are a few proposals of bicycle trips. The route leads over 15 km of picturesque places in Gdansk and Sopot. From the historic park in Jelitkowo, over the pier in Brzeźno, by the amber Stadium to the heart of Gdansk or its historic centre. Here it is worth seeing St. Mary’s Church, the Main City Townhall which houses a branch of the Historical Museum of Gdansk or you can relax over the Motława watching the historic buildings of the Long Embankment. The route will take up to 3 hours to cover, including short stops on the way.



Oliwa Valley Route

An easier although not shorter route (about 24 km) is another tip to select a place for bicycle rides. Most of the route is along paved roads although there are sandy fragments. This is an ideal option for people who prefer recreation far from frequented routes. However, this route may also prove tiresome as there are several uphill sections. The trip will take 3 to 4 hours – this obviously depends on how much time we will spend on visiting places on the route like: Jelitkowo Park or Oliwa Park, water smithy in Oliwa, Museum of Sopot or the Southern Park with the oldest trees having 130 years and the numerous valleys (Dolina Ewy, Dolina Świeżej Wody, Dolina Zajączowskiego Potoku, Dolina Radości, Dolina Schwabego and Dolina Oliwskiego Potoku).



Puck – Władysławowo – Jastarnia – Hel Route

A long medium difficult route of about 44 km. A picturesque seaside route which on the section Puck-Władysławowo  is a part of the R-10 bike path (Seaside Hanseatic Trail).  The route runs almost exclusively on a bike path; only the fragment between Chałupy and Jastarnia has to be covered on a pedestrian path. The vicinity of the Baltic Sea is the major attraction of the route. Apart from the picturesque Baltic beaches and a great view of the Bay of Puck, the attractions include a pedestrian pier, Seal Sanctuary and Fishing Museum in Hel and the attractions of Władysławowo. Additionally, on the route you will find two nature protected areas – Seaside Landscape Park and Słone Łąki Nature Reserve.



On the map you can find more bike routes and create something individual. Always you can hit to local Tourist Information and ask for bike paths maps.





If you don’t want to be lost, you can always join a bike tour with PolandByLocals. We organize a bike tours every day at 10:00 in front of House of Bike on Ogarna Street 119.

Bike tours are one of the best ways to explore Gdańsk. Our tour will provide you with an interesting history of the city, and is a great chance to make some new friends. Great exercise and the perfect way to spend a glorious summer day in the city, these tour are a must for those who want to get to know the city on more intimate terms.

Every day we will discover the Old Town for you, tell you about its historical monuments and delve into the regenerated Low Town. There, amidst the greenery, canals and the beautiful architecture, we will tell you about the extraordinary mysteries of this part of town. Explore with us old forts from XVII century on Gradowa Mountain with an amazing panorama of Gdańsk. We will also ride our bikes to the Gdańsk Shipyard where you will hear about the living proud history of Solidarity and the struggle for a free Poland amidst the industrial space with its distinctive cranes. The route is full of many stops at our favorite local sites.




If you look for bikes for rent in Gdańsk city center always you can contact with House Of Bikes on Ogarna Street 119. They have plenty comfortable new city bikes which they can adjust very fast to any adult size. Location of bike rental is a perfect place to start your Gdańsk bike adventure. From here you can explore directly narrow streets of Old Town or go directly to green Low Town area. Always you can ask a personnel House of Bikes for advise where to go and what to see.

Contact to bike rental: http://www.houseofbikes.pl/




Don’t wait  and start exploring Gdańsk by bike!


Best cafe with kids zone in Gdańsk

Play Cafes with Kid Play Spaces in Tri-City

Play Cafes with Kid Play Spaces in Tri-City



If you’re looking for a spot to grab your morning coffee or merely want to enjoy brunch in peace, these kid-friendly cafes can’t be beat. At Tricitys cafes and restaurants you will find a welcoming environment, great food, and a caffeine jolt, as well as dedicated and safe play areas for your kids.

So turn your meal into a play date with a friend, or just sit back and take some well-deserved breathing space. Either way, both you and your kids are sure to have a good time.



Let’s start with Gdynia, where we can find most cafes like that.


ALT café – Legionów112F/1, Gdynia Redłowo

Though ALT Café isn’t in the city center in our opinion It’s the best place in Tricity. Cafe offers multiple safe play areas, each overflowing with imaginative toys, from cars and blocks to pool with balls and a play kitchen. Parents can enjoy a good coffee and bistro menu such as salads, tarts and delicious pizzas sitting at the table watching their kids in action.

It is a good place for the youngest world explorers as well. Safe grassy ground and big space makes these café perfect place to crawl, walk on all fours and to learn walking as well.

What is more you can enjoy specialties of the house in calm as well, what is possible thanks to first room of Café separated from the playground.





Ciciubabka Café – Piłsudzkiego 30, Gdynia

The best spot to drop in with your kids in the Gdynia center. Parents can relax with coffee and delicious cake, or give kids a lunch break with quick bites like a fresh sandwiches and snacks like applesauce and jelly. The play space gives parents a moment to take a break while keeping an eye on the kids. Classes and special events are appreciated by locals. You can find some activities almost every day. From creative english classes for kids to cooking workshops for mums.





Now is a time for Sopot. Here we don’t have many options but we can recommend two places.


Dwie Zmiany Club-Gallery – Bohaterów Monte Cassino 31, Sopot

Local, cultural spot founded by a group of artists. You might have impression that in place, where you can listen to live music and taste craft beers, there is no space for kids, but you would be very wrong. Not only you can find small playground with toys and tipi but also they organize plastic workshops for children and more. Parents can enjoy lunch menu, good coffee, nice combination of tees.




Pomarańczowa Plaża Restaurant – Emili Plater 19, Sopot

It is restaurant, not cafe spot but they serve a good coffee and offers both outdoor and indoor areas full of wooden and plastic, baby-safe toys. It is perfect spot for a summer time, very close to the beach.





Last but not least on the list is beauty full Gdańsk.


Baby Café – Juliusza Słowackiego 4d, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

That’s restaurant and cafe in one. You can enjoy this friendly environment just having coffee or organizing your baby’s first birthday too. The cafe serves fresh-baked goods, healthy drinks and eats for kids and parents, and a welcoming local atmosphere. It is situated close to Galeria Bałtycka shopping center in Wrzeszcz district, which is not very famous among tourists but definitely worth visiting!




Kos Restaurant – Piwna 9/10, Gdańsk Old Town

Restaurant which decided that kids are the most important guests. They not only serve special kids menu, but also decided that a big piece of restaurant will be dedicated only for children. Special playroom with toys for the youngest and game consoles for older kids is available. Parents can eat their meal in calm looking after their children looking at special monitor.





There are more children friendly spots in Tri-City, but these six seems to be the best.






Best Coffee Spots in Gdańsk

7 Best local coffee shops for work and chill in Gdańsk and Sopot

Hey traveler! Have you arrived to the Tricity for a longer period of time? You have already visited all the touristic spots and you would like to work little bit or just chill? Tricity has a lot to offer for those who work remotely or just looking for a nice and quiet place to have a cup of coffee in front of the laptop’s screen. So here we go. These are the places which are recommended by Poland by Locals:



Drukarnia Café

Located in Mariacka street. One of the most cosy and beautiful streets of Gdansk Old Town. A café in which the barista invites you to smell every kind of coffee they offer, tells you the flavours and aftertastes, and offers to change the brewing method so that you get the best out of the kind you just chose. Perfect spot for sunny days where you can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Town.






Sztuka Wyboru

Situated in modern district in Gdansk Wrzeszcz close to the railway station. Check for an outstanding collection of Polish design and graphic design, spend a cozy evening drinking wine or working day in the spacious, light interiors. There is also an art gallery where very interesting exhibitions take places. We highly recommend this place to visit!







Fajna Sztuka

You can find this café close to the Gdansk Przymorze SKM. It is an alternative café which provides new good vibration to the neighborhood. Apart from drinking good café, chilling out zone they organizing lot of underground workshops like meditation or movie sessions. You won’t regret hanging out there with local artists who are also the owners of this extraordinary place.






Konsulat Dobrego Piwa

Place out of the beaten track in touristic Sopot. Perfect spot for tasty coffee, panini and local craft beer! It has an old fashioned and alternative interior design. The owner is a lover of vinyl records so time to time you can come and buy nice vinyls. Beside from that there are organizing a lot of local events. During spring and summer time, beer garden is open and you can sit among trees and enjoy laid back Sopot’s atmosphere.






Młody Byron

An art café in the hidden spot close to the main walking path in Sopot – Monte Cassino. Beautiful place with sandy garden, good vibration and welcoming staff. The owner time to time organizing some live concerts and stage performance. You can’t miss that place if you are in Sopot. Also, they serve fresh baked cakes and great coffee.






Jak się masz?

Perfect spot for cup of coffee and a lunch in very heart of Old Oliwa district. Despite they have very comfortable places where you can work or just chill out, they also serve delicious cousin. Breakfast, lunch or dinner everything you have here and of course tasty coffee to refresh your mind. Spend a working day in Oliwa and feel like at home.






Dwie Zmiany

The best hipster place in Sopot. Delicious coffee and amazing home-made cakes, that’s not the only pluses of this place. Large space make it perfect to find a cozy nook for you. A lot people is coming here with their laptops  to work and have business meetings. In case you will be hungry there is an option to eat nice lunch here. It’s also very close to train station so you can just jump here and wait for your travel in nice atmosphere.







best rainy spots in Gdańsk

TOP 10 Things to do when it is raining

When you are coming to Tri-City you have to prepare for a bad weather. Even in mid of summer it can rain for all over a week and you can do nothing with this. You have to accept this fact like we do and have fun. Below we put 10 things you can do in Tri-City without thinking about the weather forecast.



  • Climbing

Try to climb in Gdańsk. We have a big variety of boulders and fine climbing wall. You can rent all the equipment, event a shoes. Go by your own or take some friends             and family. Before 4 pm there is a lot of space to climb and find best routs.





  • Jump City

The biggest trampoline place in the region. Crazy fun for everybody.


  •  Eksperyment

Best fun for kids but adults can also spend a very pleasant day here. Experiment is place where you can touch and feel the science. Many station whit a lot of fun and knowledge about basic rules in our universe.


  • European Solidarity Center

Learn more about modern polish history. Be ready for huge package of knowledge about soviet time in Poland. Incredible museum, with planty of movies, photos and interactive exhibitions. Join to Solidarity Trade Union and be part of a history!


  • Emigration Museum

Opened on May 16, 2015, the museum tells the story of centuries of emigration by Poles from their homeland and examines the reasons and the results of this emigration for Poland, the emigrants and their descendants and the effect that these emigrants had on the countries where they settled.


  • Gdynia Aquarium

A perfect place to visit on days when the weather forces you inside, the Gdynia Aquarium is stuffed with over 2,000 creatures and pint-sized guests will delight in seeing every one. Exhibits cover marine life from across the globe, like Australian spotted jellyfish and Amazon-dwelling giant arapaima, but also delve into the evolution of submersible technology through the decades.


  • Museum of IIWW

Best chance to to make a small reviev  what you know about IIWW. A conflict that would go onto claim the lives of an estimated 55 million people is a both a huge and complicated story to tell but this exhibition which tells the story with one eye always on the experience of Poland, does in our opinion achieve that quite brilliantly. One tip for you – book a lot of time to see everything what is on exhibition.


  • Pit Stop Electric Go-karts

Great fun even during the freezing cold winter. Take your friends and spend a brilliant time, racing and speeding. Once you get it into third gear the cart really moves and the track is challenging enough to make it good fun.



  • Paintball in Gdańsk Shipyard

Found in the remains of a huge, WWII concrete bunker once used to assemble U-Boats, these chaps can organise paintballing at anytime – 24/7 – in a 3,000m² space featuring bunkers, corridors and weird lighting. Take more people with you or join to other group. This place is really huge.



  • Tasting Polish Craft Beers

If you are a beer lover, craft beek geak or you want to just try something new, we have a great news for you – Poland is one of the best destination in the world to try best craft beers. Find the perfect local pub with a huge range of the beers and fall in love with it. Spend a wonderfull day and discover new tastes of a beer.








The Best of Tczew City


What is worth to visit outside the Gdansk?

Locals recommend: Tczew

Had enough of Gdańsk? Time for little break from cobbled streets and big city life? No problem at all. Pomerania District has a lot to offer to you. If you are looking for an alternative non-touristic spot with a great history, local atmosphere and short distance from Tricity we have some recommendations for you!

Just 30 min away (by train) from Gdansk Glowny railway station you can easily reach Tczew. A sleepy 60 thousand inhabitants town where time stopped and life goes on his own flow. The city is known for its attractive Old Town and the Vistula Bridge, or Bridge of Tczew, damaged during World War II.

Between 1851–1857 the first Vistula Bridge has been built. In that time, it was the longest bridge in Northern Europe (800 meters). 30 years later second the same bridge has been built which was used as a railway bridge.

On 1 September 1939 Polish sappers blown up the bridge to stopped Wermacht soldiers from crossing the Vistula river. Some historic says that Tczew was the location of the start of World War II when German bombers attacked Polish sapper installations to prevent the bridge from being blown up at 04:34 on 1 September 1939.

Apart from the bridge you should visit the Old Town. The square market is surrounded on all sides by colourful tenement houses. The streets converge together to create a chessboard pattern. The Old Town is located on a hill, which provided a natural defence from the north, east and south. It was constructed in the 13th Century and today it has a cultural and historic value.

But this is not the end of attractions here. For those who wants more to see we suggest to see: Dutch – type windmill, City Hall, Museum of the Vistula River or Parish Curch of the Holy Cross.

So, if you are ready to spend some extra hours outside the Gdansk and visit the city where you won’t find any tourists, don’t wait! This is locals!