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Create your own event with Action Track!

Make your own event in 15 min!
No matter 5 or 500 people, anytime anywhere!

ActionTrack experience is a free-to-use mobile application. It is the perfect team building and event tool. Whether you want to see more of your conference location, explore specific interactive tour, have fun & energise your team (or all of the above!) we will create adventure tailored for you.

Or as an ActionTrack licensee, you can create and manage your activities and their visual look using your personal web tool – no programming skills are required at any stage of the process. Whether you are looking for entertainment, team building or creating a gamified mobile solutions, ActionTrack is your best choice!

Why Action Track experience?

  • Employee engagement – fun, interactive adventure & very memorable experience.
  • Save time & money – forget about guided tours and paper maps! Use a bespoke Action track package to familiarise visitors with your venue or location.
  • Creation of local experience anytime & anywhere
  • Gather feedback  – use multiple choice of questions to gather feedback relevant to your company, conference or chosen outcome.
  • Maintenance – free games & events
  • Easy marketing & promotions – share user’s answer on social media
  • Interactive tasks: video, audio challenges, in web links, time activities, real time scoring, photo challenges, mystery locations, gps arrow system and more!
  • Works online & offline
  • Easy and fun communications with the user
  • Based on Google Maps
  • No limits to locations of the event

Just 5 steps…

  • Contact us
  • Tell us what you need
  • We create and test the game/event or adventure
  • Event is ready to go
  • Your customer is satisfy & enjoying the product


Your own event:
  • in less than 4 days
  • from 1 to 500 people
  • we create it from the base
  • short time of creation
  • for any subject matter
  • anytime and anywhere in Poland or World


Your Action Track licence:
  • your own account
  • acces to CMS
  • we provide the training the app
  • no limits in creations of the events
  • acces to more than 40 templates
  • ready to use immediately

Start creation right now!

Contact us:

Poland By Locals
phone: +48 537 168 775

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