This meetup is for anyone interested in photography. If you’re looking for something a little different you are in the right place. We run an alternative class, so you can pick up some of the earliest imaging techniques, such as using light and how to make portrait on a professional model by yourself! Our Portrait Photography course will help you understand candid, urban, posed and naturally-lit portraiture. Guided by our professional photographers – Krzysztof Salwarowski and Bartosz Modelski, you will learn how to add drama, mood and texture to your portraits. Everything settled in modern Studio 57 in the heart of Gdansk. You will work with a model throughout the workshop and receive hints and tips to help develop your personal style and build your confidence. Some theory will also be provided to establish the keys skills and techniques of portrait photography. We will be sharing our knowledge in a fun and relaxed way. If you are new to photography you will have the opportunity to understand the subject better and improve your picture taking.

PRICE 350 zł/person
Photo session in modern studio in Gdansk 2 professional photographers
6 hours workshop Cameras
Catering Soft drinks
INFO 20 people max.

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Krzysztof Salwarowski – graduated in Sopot School of Photography WFH with honors. In 2007-2008 he was an assistant of Michał Mazurkiewicz – Fantomas Studio. Co-founder of “The Bench” exhibition and more. The author of the exhibition “Pociąg do Mody”, he was presented his work in Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen.

Bartosz Modelski – graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Since 20 years he is workin in photography industry, especially in commercial market. He used to cooperate with: Cropp, Reserved, Esotiq, Diverse. In his free time, he is addicted to sailing. He worked with Galeon and Sunreef Yachts.