Keeping your children interested is not always easy when travelling. Don’t worry, at least for one day. The locals know well which Tricity attractions will keep you and your little ones happy. See the world in a different way – see the Tricity through the eyes of a child.

INFO Duration: 9 hours / Min 5 pax.
1 x Adult + Child under 7 400 zł
2 x Adult + Child under 7 500 zł
1 x Adult + Child under 12 550 zł
2 x Adult + Child under 12 600 zł

Extra person: +150 zł
Meal is not included.

Transport Entrance to Experyment and JumpCity

SKM Gdynia Redłowo at 8:30 a.m.

Additional information

Family1 x Adult + Child under 12, 1 x Adult + Child under 7, 2 x Adult + Child under 12, 2 x Adult + Child under 7
Payment typePayment in advance, Prepayment of 20%

9:00 - Start of the event in front of the PPNT entrance


9:15 - Eksperyment

Meeting and entrance into PPNT. Individual or group tour.

11:30 - Dar Pomorza

Boarding the ship. Group guided tour.

12:30 - ORP Błyskawica

Boarding the ship. Group guided tour.

13:15 - Lunch at Stacja Sopot

A special menu by our friends from Sopot is cooked by a chef who was raised and works here.

14:30 - Walk up Pachołek Hill / to Garnizon playground for children and local brewery for the parents in Stary Maneż (the Culture Garrison)

A relaxing wak up to the Tricity’s highest observation point. After a 15 minute climb we will see a view of the Tricity and its surrounding moraine hills give this place an unforgettable amosphere not unlike that in Poland’s southern Bieszczady mountains.

15:30 - JumpCity - Trampoline park

Super fun for the entire family. This is the largest trampoline park in Gdańsk and one of three of its kind in Poland. An hours of jumping, somersaults, rolls and other figures. We guarantee unforgettable thrills and that your calves will hurt next morning.

17:00 - Craft ice-cream in the Old Town

Last but not least, we will take you for some delicious craft ice-cream in the Old Town.

18:00 - End of event